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A clean office is a happy and healthy office.  Offices are a great source of bacteria and employees spend +/- 40 hours a week in this environment.  Unsanitary conditions can lead to infections being passed, and employees taking additional sick leave, which can be unproductive to your business.

Office furniture is a large expense for any business and professional cleaning of your office chairs can go a long way to ensuring you get a long life out of your investment.  Our detergents are all colour safe and gentle even on the most delicate of fabrics. All chairs are cleaned on site, and not removed fro your premises.  After hours and weekend service available for cleaning of office chairs with supervision.

Even though our office chairs may look and smell clean, the chances are they’re not. The padding, foam or fabric may be home to a variety of unwanted visitors. Dust mites, although too small to see with the naked eye, colonise furniture in the thousands, feeding on the dead skin cells or flakes that our body naturally disposes of on a daily basis. Dust mite faeces can trigger allergies, impede our breathing capabilities amongst many other health related conditions. Today, most physicians agree that dust mite droppings is one of the most widespread sources of allergic reactions, second only to pollen.

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